Choose A Dentist Who Offers a Digital Impression System

One component that adds to the accuracy and efficiency of CEREC and other CAD/CAM dental restoration systems is the use of digital impression systems. This option is a great advancement over the traditional method of placing a tray full of putty in your mouth and holding it there for several minutes to obtain an impression of your teeth. This impression would then serve as the basis for crowns and other dental appliances.


Find a cosmetic dentist or a family dentist who uses a digital impression system and you won't have to deal with molds any more. A digital impression system features the use of a tiny camera which is known as an intraoral scanner. This instrument takes multiple pictures of your tooth and the surrounding areas and sends this information to a computer which compiles a three-dimensional model of the area. Your dentist can then use this information as the basis for creating your crown.


Your dentist simply sprays the area to be imaged with a thin layer of anti-reflective material which is sensed by the intraoral scanner. It takes only a few minutes to scan the area and create the computer model of your teeth. Benefits to you of the digital imaging system include:

  • Digital imaging eliminates the need for traditional molds and impressions. Many patients find holding the trays in their mouth is an uncomfortable experience which sometimes has to be repeated if the mold does not come off properly or if it is compromised with debris.

  • Digital imaging is quicker and more comfortable. It only takes a few minutes for the intraoral scanner to complete its scan and the computer to create the three-dimensional model of your teeth. Previously the impressions would have to be sent to a dental lab to have the molds created.

  • Digital imaging is more accurate which means the dental crowns or other appliances will be more precisely created to the exact dimensions of your mouth.

  • If your dentist also has other digital equipment many dental procedures can now be completed in one appointment. is your go-to source for dental information and dental education. If you are interested in the benefits of a digital impression system, use our dental profiles to help find a cosmetic dentist or general dentist who can help because is "where patients and dentists meet."