Choose A Dentist Who Offers Digital Radiography

The newest way for dental professionals to take images of your teeth is digital radiography. This technique replaces the x-ray system. With x-rays the dental hygienist points a large "camera" at various places in the patient's mouth, takes the x-ray, develops the film, and then mounts it for the dentist to view. Some patients are concerned about the radiation associated with x-rays even though the amount is very low and they are protected by a vest. If the patient moved during the process or the image is not sufficiently clear additional x-rays might need to be taken. Environmentally aware patients are also concerned with the materials used in the exposure and film process, as well as with their safe storage and disposal.


Choose a family dentist who offers digital radiography and you will eliminate all of these concerns. Instead of uncomfortable film, a small digital sensor is placed in the patient's mouth to obtain the images. This electronic sensor is connected to a computer where the digital image is projected on a screen for viewing by you and your dentist. Benefits of using digital radiography include:

  • Less Radiation:Patients are exposed to up to ninety percent less radiation with the digital process.

  • Faster Processing:Images are quickly available for viewing.

  • More Precision:Digital images can be computer-enhanced without having to retake any shots. This allows the dentist to lighten or darken areas, and enlarge specific spots that need to be examined more closely.

  • Easier Comparisons:These images are dated and easily stored in computer files for quick retrieval when comparisons are needed to determine how much your dental status has changed between appointments.

  • Larger Images:The image can be enlarged on a computer monitor so your dentist can explain what is happening with your teeth and discuss possible care options.

  • Ease of Sharing:If your dental situation requires a dental specialist your dental images can be electronically transmitted without you or someone else having to take films back and forth between offices.

  • Environmental Advantages:There are no chemicals needed for film development and no film needed. Since there is no film, there are no concerns about storage and disposal. is your go-to source for dental information and dental education. If you are interested in the benefits of digital radiography, use our dental profiles to help find a family dentist or general dentist who can help because is "where patients and dentists meet."