Choose A Dentist Who Offers CEREC Dentistry

Thanks to modern technology dentists now have a wide variety of Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) equipment available to make the dental restoration process easier and less painful for patients. CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) is a dental restoration system that allows your dentist to use digital images to create a dental crown in just one sitting without the use of dental trays or molds. Veneers, onlays and inlays can also be prepared, using different ceramic materials. If you are interested in one-visit restorations, find a cosmetic dentist or family dentist who uses CEREC technology. A CEREC system enables a dentist to obtain:

  • Digital Images:Instead of traditional x-rays this system uses digital imagery to acquire images of your teeth. Your dentist sprays your tooth with a thin layer of anti-reflective material. Images are then picked up by a 3D imaging camera and uploaded to a computer. This process yields precise on-screen 3D models of your teeth in one to two minutes.

  • Digital Design:Without having to take plaster molds of your teeth, your dentist can use computer-aided design to create your new crown.

  • Digital Manufacturing:This design is transferred to a milling unit right in the dentist's office where the new crown is immediately fashioned out of a single block of material. There is no need to send impressions out to a dental lab. Milling time may take from four to twenty minutes, depending on the complexity of the design.

As your crown is being fashioned, your dentist will prepare your tooth. This may involve wearing down your tooth so the crown can fit over it and adding a stabilizing post. The dentist will test the new crown for fit inside your mouth and then bond the restoration to your tooth using a resin cement. The whole process can be completed in just one visit.


Because of the use of precise digital imagery the dentist needs to use less drilling when preparing your original tooth. This conservative approach allows your dentist to preserve more natural tooth surface and is less painful for you. Because of the nature of the bonding process, this form of restoration will actually strengthen your tooth structure. is your go-to source for dental information and dental education. If you are interested in CEREC technology, use our dental profiles to help find a cosmetic dentist or general dentist who can help because is "where patients and dentists meet."