Choose A Dentist Who Offers Panorex X-Rays

A Panorex X-ray is also called a full mouth x-ray. Your dentist may take one of these when you first become a new patient or after significant work has been completed. It may be repeated every few years. A Panorex X-ray may also be taken if you have suffered an injury to the jaw to determine if there have been any fractures. This type of x-ray is a single two-dimensional picture of your entire mouth, including your teeth and jaws. It allows your dentist to get the entire picture of how your whole mouth is working. A Panorex X-ray also views parts of your mouth not seen in the traditional bite-wing x-rays such as the jawbone, jaw joints, nasal sinuses, and mandibular nerve.


Choose a general dentist or family dentist who offers Panorex X-Rays as part of a total evaluation system of your mouth. While wearing a lead apron for protection, you stand in place while a camera rotates around your jaw to capture images. This procedure only takes a few seconds and involves far less radiation exposure than taking a series of individual x-rays. Some problems that may be highlighted by the use of a Panorex X-ray include:

  • Problems with your jawbone or jaw joints

  • Possible early indicators of oral cancer such as lesions, cysts and tumors

  • Certain signs of gum disease that may be more easily detected with this tool

  • For children, the Panorex is helpful in determining whether teeth are developing correctly under the gum line.

  • For teenagers or adults, the Panorex can help determine whether wisdom teeth have become impacted.

  • For older adults, this type of x-ray can be helpful in determining the appropriate use of dental implants, bridges and dentures.

  • Evaluation of sinus conditions which may be leading to tooth pain.

Your dentist will then review the Panorex to note any problems and may also order additional individual x-rays if any areas of concern are noted. Based on the results of the Panorex X-ray, your dentist will develop a treatment plan to meet your exact dental needs. is your go-to source for dental information and dental education. If you are interested in more information on the Panorex X-ray, use our dental profiles to help find a family dentist or general dentist who can help because is "where patients and dentists meet."