Plano cosmetic dentist that can help them gain and maintain a beautiful smile

Patients, who want to attain beautiful smiles, often find that having dental veneers in Plano dentists’ offices can help them achieve their goals. It is also wise to explore options such as dental crowns. Both alternatives are available from experienced and qualified cosmetic dentists to produce brilliant smiles for their patients.

What to Expect

When you evaluate the capabilities of a cosmetic dentist in Plano TX, it is wise to determine their training and experience in the services you are considering. Especially if your situation calls for extensive dental work, you should expect a cosmetic dentist in Plano to examine you and then spend time in a personal consultation.

George Acquaye (George Acquaye DDS, P.A.)

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Gita Rafiei (Park Dental)

5930 West Park Blvd. Suite 1000
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Henry Liao (Los Rios Dental PA)

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Hessam Rahimi (Creek 75 Dental Group)

101 West Spring Creek Suite 732
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Hien Nguyen (Smile Design Dental P.A.)

5850 K Avenue Suite 300
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Howard Woodard (H Dale Woodard DDS PC)

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Laura Bratcher (Monarch Dental - North Plano)

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Levy Do (Preston Creek Dental)

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Mary Swift (Texas Dental Specialists)

8700 Preston Road Suite 126
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Masha Shturman (Plano Smile Design)

7965 Custer Road Suite 100
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Mathew George (Monarch Dental - West Plano)

5068 West Plano Pkwy. Suite 156
Plano, TX 75093-4443

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Melisa Christian (Texas Dental Specialists)

8700 Preston Road Suite 126
Plano, TX 75024-3321

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Advanced dental materials and procedures available today, allow Plano cosmetic dentists a number of ways to approach a patient’s treatment plan. This allows both the patient and dentist to take a number of issues into consideration that makes the process more convenient and affordable. Depending on a dentist’s training and experience, the use of different types of dental crowns, dental veneers or other procedures may be considered desirable. Some of the factors involved in this assessment might include:


•     A patient’s age and lifestyle

•     Any specific dental issues and problems

•     The patient’s expectations

•     Any financial or budgetary considerations


When we've helped you narrow down your choices, use the time in a consultation with a dentist to ask any questions you have. The Plano cosmetic dentist will explain your options and the costs involved to help you make the wisest possible choices in your journey to gain that irrepressible smile.