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Gabriel Meraz (Nolana Smiles, PLLC)

2708 West Nolana Avenue Suite 120
McAllen, TX 78504-4181

(956) 682-2217

Gilberto Veray (McAllen Dental Care)

2019 West Nolana Avenue
McAllen, TX 78504-4165

(956) 971-9070

Hayffa Jamal (Nolana Smiles, PLLC)

2708 West Nolana Avenue Suite 120
McAllen, TX 78504-4181

(956) 682-2217

Kiranmayee Yanala (Brident Dental & Orthodontics)

1001 South 10th Street Suite S
McAllen, TX 78501-5045

(956) 465-0611

Kyle Sanders (Games Dental PA)

3601 Buddy Owens Avenue Suite 200
McAllen, TX 78504-6447

(956) 631-4200

Lavanya Rudrapatna (Village Smiles and Orthodontics P.C.)

190 East Stacy Road, Building 300 Suite 312
Allen, TX 75002-8738

(972) 678-1277

Linda Jacob (Sunrise Dental)

1150 North Watters Road Building A Suite 104
Allen, TX 75013-5518

(972) 908-3773

Lisa Gortari (Oasis Family Dental)

800 East Dove Avenue Suite C
McAllen, TX 78504-2263

(956) 661-1000

Lorena Molina-Rojas (Lorena Molina-Rojas D.D.S.,P.A.)

4700 North McColl Road
McAllen, TX 78504-2432

(956) 631-8168

Maria Shahdad (DFW Absolute Dental)

2023 West McDermott Drive Suite 140
Allen, TX 75013-4677

(972) 727-8100

Maritza Chavez (Uptown Family Dentistry)

4500 North 10th Street Suite 20
McAllen, TX 78504-2948

(956) 800-4687

Michael Sullivan (RGV Dental, PLLC - McAllen)

820 Nolana Avenue Suite A
McAllen, TX 78504-3043

(956) 687-1889

Do you have sensitive teeth? Does it hurt to brush, floss, or eat cold or warm foods? A general dentist in Allen TX can help you find the cause of your sensitivity and fix it so you won't hurt again.  Maybe your teeth hurt all the time.  If you're experiencing a toothache, you may need to find out why your tooth hurts.  If it's a cavity, filling  it should solve the toothache and prevent a small problem from growing into a much larger and more costly problem. But if you wait, your toothache could get much worse. You could need a root canal or even lose your teeth.

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