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Don't drive around town looking for a dentist.  Don't drive everywhere to just get your dental checkup and teeth cleaned when we have the best dentists right in your neighborhood. A great dentist in Plano TX can take care of you and your family when it comes to your teeth. Enter your zip code now.

George Acquaye (George Acquaye DDS, P.A.)

1201 East Parker Road Suite 103
Plano, TX 75074-5300

(972) 516-4910

Gita Rafiei (Park Dental)

5930 West Park Blvd. Suite 1000
Plano, TX 75093-4358

(972) 735-1788

Henry Liao (Los Rios Dental PA)

4013 14th Street Suite 413
Plano, TX 75074-7126

(972) 665-1888

Hessam Rahimi (Creek 75 Dental Group)

101 West Spring Creek Suite 732
Plano, TX 75023-4631

(972) 517-4282

Hien Nguyen (Smile Design Dental P.A.)

5850 K Avenue Suite 300
Plano, TX 75074-3095

(972) 422-8662

Howard Woodard (H Dale Woodard DDS PC)

6505 West Park Blvd. Suite 132
Plano, TX 75093-6210

(972) 378-3786

Laura Bratcher (Monarch Dental - North Plano)

3516 Preston Road Suite 600
Plano, TX 75093-8641

(972) 612-0553

Levy Do (Preston Creek Dental)

4709 West Parker Road Suite 550
Plano, TX 75093-3367

(469) 471-6162

Mary Swift (Texas Dental Specialists)

8700 Preston Road Suite 126
Plano, TX 75024-3321

(214) 619-6329

Masha Shturman (Plano Smile Design)

7965 Custer Road Suite 100
Plano, TX 75025-3155

(972) 517-6453

Mathew George (Monarch Dental - West Plano)

5068 West Plano Pkwy. Suite 156
Plano, TX 75093-4443

(972) 407-1550

Melisa Christian (Texas Dental Specialists)

8700 Preston Road Suite 126
Plano, TX 75024-3321

(214) 619-6329

A terrific dentist in Plano TX is waiting for you to make an appointment. Nowadays dentistry is nearly pain free in its methods, so there's no reason to not have that toothache looked at. Don't wait until it becomes something worse like an abscess which can damage your heart and may require further work. Take care of your teeth now and you'll have something to smile about.

Maybe you don't like how your teeth look. Maybe they're stained, chipped, cracked, or crooked. A general dentist can whiten your teeth and a cosmetic dentist may be able to add veneers and straighten your teeth. You'll love the way you smile. You'll look younger and feel more confident. You'll love your new look because everyone will swear you look younger. Make an appointment online today. Enter your zip code to get started.